[2022 Guide] How to Make A Music Video on YouTube?

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: November 24, 2022

YouTube is the only sure multimedia site where you will get all manner of music. We focus on how to make a music video on YouTube. With advanced digital technology, gone are the days when you had to have a physical disc to listen to videos.

This is a free marketplace even for upcoming artists. People have earned millions from YouTube alone, which is why every other person wants to have their presence on this platform.

To put music to a video is simple and complex at the same time. It's simple because you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. It's complex when you have no idea of where to start. With determination, you can do it to your daily. Read on and get the details of the same.

Part #1: What You Need to Prepare to Make A YouTube Video Part #2: Steps on How to Make A Music Video on YoutubePart #3: Engage A Video Converter – FoneDog Video ConverterPart #4: Conclusion

Part #1: What You Need to Prepare to Make A YouTube Video

First, you must visualize the idea and have an executing strategy. You must know what you need and what you want to achieve. Here are some of the questions you should answer as part of your strategy

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do you want to promote your YouTube channel?
  • What are the available toolkits for beginners?
  • What are the dos and don'ts when learning how to make a music video on YouTube?

With this in mind and with the answers at your fingertips, you can now look for digital toolkits that come in favor of your new music journey online. There is no perfection in making YouTube videos. Start from scratch and learn the roots as you go along.

Part #2: Steps on How to Make A Music Video on Youtube

Youtube is a home of music globally. You make the video and upload it on your channel. Promote your channel, and always be on the lookout for more information. Before you notice, brands are all over you to monetize your channel. Here is the procedure.

  • Have the song in which you will develop the video

This song can be from scratch, or you can get it from another source but ensure you have the rights to the song. Have the music file in digital format; if not, consider buying from various multimedia sites.

  • Look for images and pictures that you want accompanied by the video

Your audience determines the kind of images you would want to accompany the video. There are several artwork albums if you want your images to appear.

Whatever the choice, you have no limit on the number of images you can put; the less, the better. Take note that you must have original work to avoid unnecessary court battles.

  • Consolidate all photos in a folder

Every other video photo you need should be in this folder for easy access. Some areas where you can get images are your phone gallery, online image sites, and photography sites.

  • Engage a video editing software to upload the song on the video

There are several video editing software available in the market.

As a beginner, go for the essential functions and grow with time. Some available options include iMovie, Final Cut, and Windows Movie Maker. The operating system of choice is a consideration to put in place to avoid compatibility.

YouTube has a default video version. In case you have incompatibility, you must engage the best video converter to add music to a video which will be discussed in part 3 of this article.

Engage A Video Editing Software to Upload The Song on The Video

  • Add all the photos at the right stage

The location folder should guide you through uploading the right image at the correct position of the video.

  • Split the video into seconds depending on the number of photos

This is the work of the video editing software to guide you on what to do at what time. The help function of the video editor comes in handy to help you achieve this goal.

  • Save your video file as MP4 or MOV file

After the whole process, save the video file or Export them. These are the most straightforward video file formats; finally, upload them on the YouTube file.

Part #3: Engage A Video Converter – FoneDog Video Converter

This is your video editor, video enhancer, and video converter. The FoneDog Video Converter is what comes in handy to ensure you have all functions on one application. The simplicity of the application and the fact that it supports unlimited file versions.

Moreover, it has no limit on the operating system since even the Apple-based file formats have a stake here. This is an essential toolkit as part of your journey on how to make a music video on YouTube. Here is the procedure to run the application

Free Download Free Download

  • Download, install and run FoneDog Video Converter.
  • Upload the video files on the interface using the Drag and Drop function.
  • Click the Effects button to run some of the editing functions as part of your journey on how to make a music video on YouTube.
  • Click Convert Format to choose the file format of choice.
  • Finally, Click Convert to complete the process.
  • Select the Recent Projects icon to view the files for further upload on YouTube.

Make A Music Video on Youtube Using FoneDog Video Converter

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Part #4: Conclusion

Now, you have information on how to make a music video on YouTube. This is a simplified version. You may not know everything at this time, but as you walk the journey, you tend to learn a few things as you walk the journey to perfection.

Moreover, when you experience incompatibility, then you need to engage a video converter like FoneDog Video Converter to get you the best file versions for your video. The all-in-one application supports all manner of video conversion.

Still, there are several others in the web market that you also need to explore to have a comprehensive knowledge of video conversion tools.

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