Quick Guide: Recover Text Messages on Damaged Galaxy Phone/Tablet

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: August 9, 2021

“How to Recover Text Messages on damaged Galaxy? My daughter threw my Galaxy phone and shattered the entire screen. My fiancé thought it would be an easy fix but he ended up and damaged the LCD. I need the text messages off of my phone; I do not have any SMS backup app installed. If only I could recover these by connecting through my computer. I cannot work the Samsung Galaxy’s screen, due to the crack. So, if anyone can help please do! Thank you so much!” ~Darla

This case sounds pretty easy but is actually quite difficult in reality. If repairing the LCD may fix the phone, what about the internal parts of it? Throwing may have caused a great impact on the device especially the force when it dropped on the ground. So most likely, the issue is not just on the screen but the phone itself.

You are fortunate if the phone turns on otherwise head over to the recovery of your SMS. There is great software that is now making a loud noise in the field of recovery solutions; FoneDog- Android Data Recovery. This software is safe, protecting your personal data; effective, gaining a wide popularity in this industry and allows preview of the recovered data which you can selectively choose.

Part 1. Common Reasons of Damaged Android DevicesPart 2. How to Recover Text Messages from Damaged Galaxy Phone/TabletPart 3. Video Guide: How to Recover Text Messages from Damaged Samsung Galaxy Phone

Part 1. Common Reasons of Damaged Android Devices

Smart phones are very fragile and they need extra care most of the time. Here are the most common possible reasons for damaging Android devices:

1. User-triggered – Whether we like it or not, we are the most common reason why these devices are being damaged or broken. There are different scenarios of user-triggered damages like the current situation we mentioned above, throwing the phone. Some may be dropping it on water, left it with their toddlers and their kids played with it and broke.

How to avoid: Use protective casings and accessories that may lessen the impact in case it will be dropped.

Common Reasons of Damaged Android Devices

2. Water Damage – Though there are Samsung galaxy devices that are claiming to be water-proof, the second most common reason for damaged devices is water damage. In fact, the moisture left in the device after it submerged in the water is the main reason for the damaged phone.

How to Avoid: Be alert most of the time whenever you are outdoors or even inside the toilet. As much as possible, use waterproof containers or plastic bags when at the beach or during the rainy seasons, keep it in a secured dry place.

Recover Messages From Water Damaged Phone

3. Impact – During a physical contact, the most unpredictable cause of damage is the impact of the phone to the surface. Following the law of gravity, it may depend on several factors as well.

How to avoid: Use protective cases or accessories; place smart phones inside a secured pocket or bag pocket. Use a sling bag specially made for mobile phones.

Broken Samsung Messages Recover

Part 2. How to Recover Text Messages from Damaged Galaxy Phone/Tablet

Our mobile phones have become the essential link to our personal and professional lives. Most of the text messages, contacts, photos, music, and videos we store inside the Galaxy phone/tablet are very much important in our everyday lives. One wrong move like dropping and throwing may lead to a damaged Galaxy phone/tablet which can be irreparable. If you are having this same exact issue, read through this article and learn how to use FoneDog- Android Data Recovery to recover text messages on damaged Galaxy phone/tablet. To use FoneDog- Android Data Recovery, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install FoneDog- Broken Android Data Recovery on The Computer

FoneDog- Android Data Recovery offers a free trial version to allow its users to preview and test the program in recovering their precious data stored from the damaged Galaxy phone/tablet. Start the recovery solution by downloading the program from its respective website and install it on your computer. This software works perfectly on Windows and Mac operating systems. After the installation, launch the program and go to recovery tools.

Use Fonedog Toolkit to Recover Messages

Free Download Free Download

Step 2. Connect Damaged Galaxy Phone/Tablet

Using a USB cable, connect the damaged Galaxy phone/tablet to the computer. The program will automatically detect the connection and will notify you on the screen.

Step 3. Choose Text Messages for Recovery

On the next window of the program, you will see the files available for recovery like text messages, contacts, call logs, documents, videos, and audios. You can tick the checkboxes beside each selection and click “Next”.

Step 4. Cracked Screen Fault Type

After choosing files for recovery, the next window will allow you to choose the correct fault type. Currently, there are two kinds of faulty type in Samsung devices: Touch screen doesn’t work/cannot access the phone and Black/Broken screen”. For the issue mentioned above, you need to select “Black/Broken screen” since the LCD was cracked or damaged. Once you have chosen the right fault type, you will need to enter the exact make and model of the damaged Galaxy phone/tablet to enter into “Download mode”. You may refer to the official website of Samsung to get the right make and model of the damaged device.

Select State to Restore Messages

Step 5. Enter into Download Mode

Download mode is a state wherein the firmware is being flashed using a desktop software or via Odin. Download mode for Galaxy devices will let the OTA (Over-the-air) updates be installed on the device using a USB cable and computer.

Enter Download Mode to Recover

Step 6. Enter Download on the Damaged Galaxy Phone/Tablet

To recover text messages on damaged Galaxy phone/tablet, you need to perform some steps in order to enter into “Download mode”. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off the phone if still on. Make sure it is still connected to the computer.
  2. Hold Volume Down (-), Power and Home buttons together until some warning message appears on the screen
  3. Use the Volume (+) to enter into “Download mode”

After doing the steps above, your phone will then be analyzed by the program FoneDog- Android Data Recovery. The right update will be installed and extracted on the damaged Galaxy phone/tablet and will perform a thorough scanning.

Step 7. Recover Text Messages With Preview Mode

After the scanning is completed, FoneDog- Android Data Recovery will show the entire data recovered from the damaged Galaxy phone/tablet. It will show as a category list and will have a preview option to let you verify and confirm the recovered text messages and other files. If all the required data are recovered, click on “Recover” and it will be saved on the computer.So there you have it; whatever happens on your phone, you can always rely on FoneDog- Android Data Recovery to get hold of your text messages even from a damaged Galaxy phone/tablet. And another amazing thing is this FoneDog toolkit can also recover deleted messages from other Android phones.

Recover Text Messages With Preview Mode

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Part 3. Video Guide: How to Recover Text Messages from Damaged Samsung Galaxy Phone

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FoneDog helped a lot! Several days ago, I accidentally got my phone dropped and it came to badly damaged and couldn't launch anymore. But my clients just sent me some messages...Jesus! I was really appreciated to see this passage, helps me a lot!

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