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How to Recover iMessages from iPhone

By victoria, Last updated: November 30, 2019

How can I restore iMessages from iPhone devices?

Sending iMessage is one of the most lauded features of the iOS. Because of iMessage, iOS users no longer have to spend money on their postpaid plans to send text messages to their family or friends as it makes use of Wi-Fi/Cellular networks instead to transmit the file. Due to the usefulness of iMessage, many people utilize it for both leisure and work so it has become an important tool for everyday use. But sometimes, most of us delete important iMessage by mistake just when we need the contents of the message the most. If you are unable to recover iMessages, it can affect your personal or professional life, especially when urgent or sensitive matters were discussed in the iMessage threads. Thankfully, we have FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery Toolkit to help us in these instances.


Recover iMessages from iPhone Devices

About FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery

Developed by Wondershare, the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery Toolkit is the first of its kind in the world as it has iPhone data recovery capabilities. It has features that will enable you to retrieve deleted files easily in iOS smartphones from iPhone 4 and up. It has been hailed by many as it has one of the highest data recovery rates in the industry. It is available for both Windows and Mac computing devices. What are the features of the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery? Generally speaking, the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery Toolkit supports three modes: Data recovery via the iOS device, data recovery via iTunes backup and data recovery via iCloud backup.


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This usually happens when you get too contained the moment especially if you are deleting old and not important conversations. You are not alone; millions of users worldwide are experiencing such cases of accidental deletion and like all of them, they search for the best possible recovery solution.

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Part 1. Retrieving Deleted iMessages Directly on iPhonePart 2. Recovering Deleted iMessages Through iTunes BackupPart 3. Restoring Deleted iMessages Through iCloud BackupPart 4. Video Guide: How Can We Recover iMessages from iPhone Devices?

Part 1. Retrieving Deleted iMessages Directly on iPhone

The easiest method in the recovery of deleted iMessages only involves the phone’s memory.

Step 1: Download the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery and Install

Your best chance of recovering the iMessages you lost is by using FoneDog. Download the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery and install once done. As you may already know by now, the program (and the computer) will only be able to detect your device if your computer or laptop has the latest iTunes version installed in it.The opening screen of the FoneDog program will then be active.

Free Download Free Download

Connect iPhone to PC Download the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery-Step1

Tips: Make sure that FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery Toolkit and the latest iTunes version Is installed in your computer

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to Your Computer and Scan

Using a standard USB-C cable, connect your iPhone to the computer. From the many options, click “Recover from iOS Device” in the upper left corner of the window. Begin looking for the deleted iMessages by clicking the button that says “Start Scan.”
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Start Scan

Connect the iPhone Into Your Computer-Step2

Step 3: Recover Deleted iMessages

After the scan finishes searching for any recoverable data, the window will then display a list of items that may be recovered. Check “Messages & Attachments.” Under “Messages,” you will see a list of iMessages that were recovered by the program. Place a tick beside the items you want to get and click “Recover.” If you are looking for a Message attachment, you can also do the same process, except that you tick “Messages Attachments” instead of “Messages.”

Recover Deleted iMessages

Recover Deleted iMessages-Step3

Part 2. Recovering Deleted iMessages Through iTunes Backup

This method is perfect for those that regularly do backups of their files for safe keeping.

Step 1: Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery and Click on the Second Option

Click the recovery option labeled “Recover from iTunes Backup.” You will then be able to see a list of backups that have been made on the computer. Select the backup file that contains the iMessage you want to retrieve.

Connect iPhone to PC

Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery-Step1

Step 2: Connect and Scan the iPhone to the Computer

After clicking “Start Scan” to start extraction, you can see the files in the backup file. Wait for a few seconds until the application window shows a list of searched files.

Select iTunes BackupConnect and Scan the iPhone to the Computer-Step2

Step 3: Recover the iMessages Via a Previously Made iTunes Backup

Tick the messages and message attachments you want to restore and choose whether to save them on your iPhone or computer.
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Recover iMessages from iTunesRecover the iMessages from iTunes Backup-Step3

Part 3. Restoring Deleted iMessages Through iCloud Backup

Your last option in restoring your deleted iMessages will make use of

Step 1: Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery and Click on the Last Option

Verify if FoneDog and the latest version of iTunes are already on the computer.In the home page of the data recovery toolkit, click the “Recover from iCloud Backup File” option.

Free Download Free Download

Connect iPhone to PCLaunch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery-Step1

Step 2: Sign Into Your iCloud Account

If the iCloud is not yet signed in, the tool will prompt you to enter the correct login details so you can log in and start downloading the needed files. You need not worry about whether your account is still safe as no cookies will be saved that pertain to the important and sensitive account information.

Login iCloud

Sign Into the iCloud Account-Step3

Step 4: Start Retrieving the Needed iMessages

Once you are inside the iCloud account, you can now see the backup files displayed on the screen. Choose the backup file that you will restore an iMessage from and then tick off the needed iMessage file under “Messages” and “Message Attachments.” You also have the option to restore all the iMessages in the interface. You can choose either the “Recover”.
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Recover iMessages from iCloudStart Retrieving the Needed iMessages from iPhone-Step4

Other Tips: In Using FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery for Retrieving Deleted iMessages

  • When it comes to viewing the messages, it is more efficient to restore the iMessages to the phone instead of the computer.
  • When it comes to listing the iMessages and the attachments, you can choose to display all items, only those deleted or only those that still exist.

Using all the information mentioned above, you can now rest with the knowledge that no matter what happens, there will still be a possibility for you to recover any deleted iMessage. Plus, the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery toolkit will not only be able to recover iMessages, it can also restore a whole lot more of the data like photos, videos, messages in the iPhone. The package also has an option to print out the iMessages should you need a hard copy of the contents of the message thread.

Have any questions about FoneDog toolkit? Place a comment below. Tweet: Hey,I obtain a new Skill on recover iMessages from iPhone 7...--http://t.cn/RCwPjb3 Via@fonedog

Part 4. Video Guide: How Can We Recover iMessages from iPhone Devices?

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