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How to Recover iCloud Call History

By XylaJoelle, Last updated: March 20, 2019

How to restore deleted call history from iCloud?This article here will provide you with the perfect solution to recover iCloud call history.

Call history iCloud on our mobile devices is one of the most important features of our phones. It contains incoming and outgoing call logs. It can also show us the calls that we missed.

Well, having missed calls are very normal for us especially if we are having busy schedules all day. Through our call history, we will be able to call back those calls that we missed because it might be important.

But what would you do if you lose your call history on your iPhone? Would you think of a way to recover them back? Have you tried syncing your data to your iCloud before the deletion occur? If your answer to all these questions is Yes, then you don't need to worry anymore.

recover call logs on iPhone

Part 1. How to Access iCloud to Recover Call History?

Looked over!!! We have the perfect software to help you in terms of find call history on iCloud. The FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool will be your best buddy.

This software will help you recover all your deleted call history, whether they are mistakenly deleted, lost after updating your iOS or after resetting your mobile device, it doesn't matter.

This software will help you access call history on iCloud. All you need to do is to get this program. These steps are how you can recover and download iCloud call history.

Step 1: Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery and Connect Your iOS Device

First thing's first. Download the FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool and install it on your computer.

It doesn't matter if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer because this software is compatible with both computers.

After you have installed the program, launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool, grab your USB cable and connect your iPhone to your computer.


Step 2: Log in to iCloud

Once the phone is connected choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and then log in your Apple ID and password so that the program can scan your device.


Step 3: Download and Export iCloud Backup

Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to see on your screen all the iCloud backup that was made on your iPhone device.

Just click on the files that you need to recover base on the date and time that is shown. After that, just click "Download" beside the file.

Once the download is done, you will be able to see a list of categories of the data stored on your mobile device.

Just select "Call History" so that Fonedog iOS Data Recovery can scan it.


Step 4: Preview and Recover iCloud Call History

After the files have been extracted, you will now be able to preview your data.

Since there are a lot of files stored on your mobile device, just click on "Call History" again and you will be able to see your logs.

Just select the file and click on "Recover" button. Once the process is done, your data will be saved on your computer.


Part 2. How to Extract Deleted iPhone Call History Via iTunes Backup

If you have backed up your file on your iTunes before the deletion occurred, then you can use this.

1: Launch and Connect and Scan Your Device

Launch the program and then connect your iPhone to your computer.

Once the device is connected, select "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" and then download the choose the backup file that you want to extract and click on "Start Scan" for the program to scan your iTunes backup files.


2: Preview and Restore Deleted Call History

Once the scanning process is done, you can now preview your call history which also includes the name, phone number, date, time and the duration of the call.

Once you have selected the call details you want to recover, click on "Recover" button.

Completed Tutorial:
How to Recover Deleted Files from iTunes


Part 3. How to Retrieve Deleted Call logs from iPhone Directly

Just in case that you haven't made any backup, you can also recover your deleted call history directly from your iPhone device. Just follow these steps.

#1: Run the FoneDog Tool and Connect Your Device

Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool and connect your iPhone to your computer. Once detected, choose "Recover from iOS Device".


#2: Scan Your Device

Once the device is connected, click on "Start Scan >" so that the program will be able to get the lost data from your iPhone like your call history.


#3. Recover iPhone Call History Directly from iPhone

When FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool is done scanning your iPhone, you will be able to see categories on the left panel of your screen.

From there, select "Call History".

Preview and select all the details shown on your screen and once you are done, just click on "Recover" button.


Part 4. Video Guide: How to Access iCloud to Download all Call History from iCloud

Part 5. Conclusion.

Now, you can recover your deleted call history from your iCloud using the FoneDog toolkit - iOS Data Recovery. The good thing about this program is that aside from your iCloud, you can also recover your deleted call history through your iTunes backup or just directly on your iPhone without backup.

Another good thing about FoneDog iOS Data Recovery is that it does not only recover deleted iPhone call history from your device but also FoneDog iOS Data Recovery can recover all other data such as contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and more.

It is very safe to use because during the whole recovering process, no data will be overwritten and only you can access your data. It is also very easy to use because, with just a few clicks, you will be able to recover all the deleted files that you want to retrieve from your mobile device.

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