How to Recover Photos from Android and Broken Android Phones

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: October 28, 2022

Is there any way to recover deleted photos in Xiaomi or other Android devices? And how do I recover deleted pictures from a broken Android phone?

We will give a detailed guide in this article, so don’t worry if you may have accidentally deleted your honeymoon or priceless photos - we have just the solution for you!

Part 1. Why Will Lost or Deleted Photos Mistakenly?Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Gmail Account?Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android and Broken Android Devices?Video Guide: How Can We Recover Deleted Photos from Android?Part 4. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Without Root and Computer?

Part 1. Why Will Lost or Deleted Photos Mistakenly?

We all encountered this one time or another, where we accidentally or intentionally deleted photos from our smartphones. May it that you simply did not like a picture or your child unknowingly tinkered around with your phone pressing the delete button because it looked fun, your photos are forever gone, or are they?

The truth is, your photos are far from gone as they are fragmented in your phone somewhere and are quite salvageable. Just imagine taking a paper from a shredder and putting it back together. Of course physically this would be tedious and time-consuming, but fortunately, this is not the case in the virtual world when using the software.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Gmail Account?

If you have been using a Gmail account, have been saving your photos and making sure they are backed up there in Google Cloud, then you are definitely in luck! Now you can really appreciate the power in which Google works aside from being it an e-mail website and search engine. We will now provide you the steps here on how to recover deleted photos from Gmail.

*Please note that Google Cloud removes photos saved after 60 days, so if you have just recently deleted them, once again fortune has smiled upon you!

  1. Through your Android phone, launch Google Photos or Photos.
  2. Find and select the icon with the ‘3 horizontal bars’ which can be found on the upper left corner next to the search bar.
  3. Find and select the ‘Trash’ option when the panel appears
  4. A preview of your deleted images within the 60 day period will be found there.
  5. Select which photos you want to recover and then select ‘Restore’.
  6. Finished!

Google Cloud

And there you have it, it was as simple as that! Once again this is for those who have been using their Google accounts generously. Google provides their users with a wide variety of options making it a true multipurpose company.

So not being able to take advantage of these freebies is basically doing things with both hands tied behind your back. So as for those who have not been as lucky, don’t worry we have just the tool for you to get back all your photos and then some!

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android and Broken Android Devices?

As mentioned before, using software to get your photos back is the best way to go about it. This definitely where FoneDog toolkit - Android Data Recovery comes into play. Not only will you be able to recover accidentally deleted photos on Android but also you can restore pictures from the broken Android phone.

Already we can see the usefulness of this toolkit and it is only a fraction of what the software can do. So without further ado, let us look into two possible ways to recover your photos using our toolkit. Now you see how FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Software works.

It is very easy, efficient and at the same time, it will give you a 100% success rate in recovering all your deleted data from your iPhone device. You don't need to look far just to find the best recovery software because FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Software will surely fit your needs.

Recover Deleted Pictures

Download and Try this Software before you Buy! Try it by clicking the download button below.

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OPTION 1. Recovering your images from your Android Device

If ever your area suffers from a sudden power outage, and if you are running the program on a laptop, then at least you would have enough juice to keep going.
Note: We recommend you charge your Android device to at least 20% battery capacity for a smooth procedure.

  1. Download and install our ‘FoneDog toolkit for Android’ on your computer or laptop.
  2. Run the toolkit and upon opening the program, you will be met with an interface with several options.
  3. Select the ‘Data Recovery’ tab and you will be then met with a prompt where you should connect your device. Do this now.
  4. You may or may not receive a prompt mentioning about USB debugging. Select ‘Always allow from this computer’ and hit ‘OK’.
  5. Once your device has connected successfully, you can now see a window with several options such as ‘Contacts’, ‘Messaging’, ‘Audio’, ‘Gallery’ and more.
  6. Find and select ‘Gallery’ from the list and click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  7. You will now be asked to select either ‘Standard Mode’ or ‘Advanced Mode’. We recommend ‘Standard Mode’ as it is recommended for first-time users.
  8. A scan will then commence where all your photos - yes every single one - that have been deleted will reappear.
  9. Once the scanning is complete, you are then met with all your photos from the past.
  10. To recover a photo, simply select it and click on ‘Recover’. You can do this with multiple photos to recover a whole batch.

Select Photos To Recover

OPTION 2. Restoring Deleted Photos from Broken Android

We will now show you how it is possible to recover accidentally deleted photos on an Android you may have used in the past or discontinued to use. As you can see anything so far is possible with our toolkit, so with that said, let us take a look.

  1. From the options available on the main interface, select ‘Android Data Extraction’.
  2. From here you can see many options available for you. In this case, we want to select ‘Gallery’ to get back our photos. Select ‘Start’ once you confirm your option.
  3. A prompt will now appear asking the nature of your broken android device. Select whichever one is relevant.
  4. Now you will be asked the name of your device as well as the model number. Please refer to the model number which may be found on the box it came in, the device itself underneath the battery or your receipt. Once done, hit ‘Next’.
  5. Follow the instructions and plug in your broken device to your computer. The toolkit will now analyze and scan the device.
  6. After a successful scan, everything will show on the next part of the program. Go into ‘Gallery’ in this case.
  7. Preview photos and select the ones you want to retrieve by pressing on ‘Recover’.

Video Guide: How Can We Recover Deleted Photos from Android?

If you want to do recovery of photos from Android phone, you can refer the video guide below and follow the step-by-step guide to retrieve pictures from Android devices.

Part 4. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Without Root and Computer?

There you have it, folks. All of your photos are now in your possession and ready to be enjoyed once more. Whichever of the three possible ways you have chosen, being able to get back your photos would perhaps hopefully be your Godsend. We know how important it is to search through our past every once in awhile, hence why we made it a possible option just for you. You are more than welcome.

If you enjoyed the toolkit, remember that it does not stop there. If you have messages or old contacts that you would like to recover, the option is always there. There will always be a time when we need to find old friends for example or giggle at the cute message your child has sent you. We know all of these are priceless.

If ever you need to recover your Android phone from problems that may have occurred and prevent any data loss or even unlock your SIM card, then you can use Android Data Backup and Restore and Android SIM Unlock respectively. Our toolkit is vast and provides you with many ways to get your smartphone back up to speed.

So why not give our other products a shot. We stand by them with pride and can assure that you will be just as satisfied as the countless others who already have. So what are you waiting for? We make sure it is as easy as one, two and three!

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