How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone X Device

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: August 23, 2019

In this article, you will learn how to recover deleted Whatsapp pictures from iPhone X using the most trusted third-party app iOS Data Recovery.

Part 1.User’s Best Choice for Phone CameraPart 2. Deletion of WhatsApp PhotosPart 3. How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone XPart 4. Video Guide: How to Extract Removed WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone XPart 5. Conclusion

Part 1.User’s Best Choice for Phone Camera

For some smartphone users, the best choice for a camera phone for an excellent selfie are iPhone models. A single iPhone model is usually loaded with advanced technical hardware features for their camera that eventually results in a more extravagant output after capturing a certain scene.

Some people also claim that iPhone’s camera is comparable to that of DSLR cameras. Though DSLR cameras are often in their more advanced features and technical hardware and software, at some point, many still believe and actually prefers to use iPhone models for a certain event’s photo shoots.

This goes to show that smartphones have the capacity to surpass some devices existing up to this point just like for communication. In previous times, people use telephones, beepers, and letters as a way of communicating to other people.

Now that the technology has evolved into a thousand times fold, communication has become easier through the invention of brilliant experts such as Apple’s iPhone models.

It is such an amazing innovation by Apple and other companies, indeed.

The newly launched iPhone model by Apple is called iPhone X. Its primary camera has a magnificent specification of dual 12MP, f/1.8, and f/2.4, phase detection autofocus, OIS, 2x optical zoom, quad-LED flash perfect for a selfie on all occasions.

iPhone X was released by Apple on November 3, 2017, which then gathered every Apple fan in all Apple retail stores. This year alone, Apple released two iPhone models.

iPhone 8 was released first simultaneous to the celebration of their 10th anniversary in the service. iPhone 8 is also composed of amazing features that will make you love the device even more.

In today’s generation, when going to a memorable event, a selfie is always a must. May it be adolescent, teenagers, and adult, you can find almost every people everywhere taking pictures if not of themselves, of their surroundings.

There are even instances that when someone from a group of friends is absent during a hangout, one would always grab a phone, take a selfie, and send it to the one missing in action friend through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or any other applications.

recover whatsapp pictures from iphone xRecover deleted WhatsApp pictures from iPhone X

Part 2. Deletion of WhatsApp Photos

However, there are some incidents that cause dismay of every individual. Deletion of the important picture. Who would want their photos to be deleted, right? You can’t capture the same thing twice especially if that moment rarely happens.

Every person who experiences the same thing often ends up panicking and being desperate to find a solution. Unfortunately for every smartphone user, there is no instant solution to it, yet. Even iPhone models do not have this recovery solution that could magically recover any lost data in an instant.

Why, though? It is a very important feature that must be given attention of.The most common struggle of anyone is the deletion of Whatsapp pictures. Whatsapp is one of the most famous messaging app used by millions of people as an alternative to built-in text messaging in every smartphone. With this application, sending text messages is possible even in the absence of a regular load.

Whatsapp operates with the user’s Wi-Fi connection thus, messages, picture, videos, pieces of music, and documents are being sent through the internet. Even the Whatsapp application itself does not have a quick solution for it. However, a user should not worry too much if this happens to them.

Deleting something on a smartphone is not actually deleting it entirely, it is just somehow “hidden” under the phone’s data storage and if experts are to be asked, they would actually tell that it is saved to a cache somewhere on the phone and to recover it, one will need a more technical ability.

Luckily for everyone, anyone in the world can now recover their deleted WhatsApp pictures from iPhone X with or without technical abilities. This method is used by most of tech-savvy and some tech-savvy users to recover their deleted data. This method does not require any technical skills as the program itself is programmed to do all the work there is. All the user needs to do is acquire the tool and use it to their advantage.

Part 3. How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone X

To recover deleted pictures from iPhone X, a user must download and install the third-party app iOS Data Recovery from FoneDog.

This tool is basically programmed to recover any lost data in the iPhone X easily without programming skills. The developers also made sure that every user can understand and use it efficiently so the tool’s interface is designed simply and yet beautiful.

iOS Data Recovery has been in service for years helping troubled users to recover important files like WhatsApp photos all throughout the globe and it is very safe to use. This tool’s sole purpose is to deliver its service to a maximum level and does not partake in violation of any rights.

A user’s data will be kept intact and will not be recorded or saved in the tool’s storage/server.

A user must follow any of the 2 methods below to recover deleted Whatsapp pictures from iPhone X.Using iTunes Backup File to Recover and iCloud Backup File to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos from Apple’s iPhone models.

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Step 1. Clicking iTunes Backup File to Recover WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone X

For method 1, iTunes Backup File must be clicked by the user. After clicking, the program will show the list of backup files that have been made by the user in the past along with its serial number.

However, if the user did not find his/her backup file, the reason could be that the user did not sync its device with the iTunes.
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Clicking on iTunes Backup File to Restore WhatsApp Photos from iPhone X Device--Step1

Step 2. Choose Deleted WhatsApp Pictures and Scanning iPhone X

Next, choose the preferred iTunes backup file that has been shown by the program and then clicks Start Scan.

The program will then start analyzing and scanning all the WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone X. After scanning, in the left sidebar of the program, there are several categories to choose from to recover any data.

For this process, the user must click Whatsapp Attachments under Messages & Contacts category to recover deleted Whatsapp pictures from iPhone X.


Select Removed WhatsApp Photos and Scanning iPhone X Phone--Step2

Step 3. Start Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Pictures to iPhone X

Only display deleted items” must be turned on to view only the deleted Whatsapp pictures to separate it from the non-deleted ones and to avoid confusions from the user.

Then, simply tick the boxes of each photo that a user wants to recover and then simply hit Recover.

The program will immediately analyze the chosen items and start recovering WhatsApp Pictures to iPhone X or a PC.
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Start Extracting Deleted WhatsApp Images to iPhone X--Step3

For this method, the device must remain connected to the computer and untouched or no activities during the process to avoid overwriting of data that could potentially lose everything.

The USB cable that is being used for this process must also be 100% functional to avoid failures during the process. Failures or sudden halting of the process could again overwrite data.After that, you can also use iCloud Backup File to Recover Deleted Whatsapp pictures from Apple’s iPhone X.

1. Clicking Recover from iCloud Backup File to Recover WhatsApp Pictures

Using iCloud Backup File to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos from Apple’s iPhone models.Click Recover from iCloud Backup File. The user will be asked to submit their login credentials to iCloud.


Click Recover from iCloud Backup File to Extract WhatsApp Photos--1

Note: For this method, the device must not be connected during the recovery to avoid updating backup file data.

2. Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone X

After signing in to the iCloud account, just like in the previous method, a list of backup files that have been done by the user will be shown in the program’s interface and the user will now have the option to download these backup files.

Preview of contents from the iPhone X will be shown after downloading and scanning the iCloud backup file. Again, click Whatsapp Attachments in the Messages & Contacts category, then simply click Recover.
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Restore Removed WhatsApp Images from iPhone X--2

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Part 4. Video Guide: How to Extract Removed WhatsApp Pictures from iPhone X

Part 5. Conclusion

To recover deleted Whatsapp pictures from iPhone X, iCloud and iTunes backups are essential. Without backing up the phone’s data, the user might find it harder to recover them and worst, he/she could lose it forever.

It is always recommended to backup all the data from a smartphone whether it would be an iOS or an Android OS. Failure to do so will only hurt the user’s interest.If you are looking to recover other important files from your iPhone X or any Android device, just simply download and install iOS Data Recovery or Android Data Recovery from FoneDog official website and you will eventually have them again in no time.

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