How to Fix iTunes Error 50 (or -50)

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: December 16, 2019

Part 1. What is iTunes Error 50 or -50?Part 2. Best 8 Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 50 or -50Part 3. Fix iTunes Error 50 or -50 QuicklyVideo Guide: Quickly Fix iTunes 50 or -50Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. What is iTunes Error 50 or -50?

iTunes error 50 or -50 usually happens when you restore your iPhone and the iTunes cannot connect to the servers. This can be caused by any of the following:

Internet Connectivity

USB and hardware connections

Third-party security software

Corrupted or Outdated iTunes

Before you can determine the possible fix, you need to verify the root cause by identifying and testing the above-related causes. When you receive iTunes error 50 or -50, stop using the iOS device right away and read this article for some helpful knowledge base.

Fix error 50 or -50

Part 2. Best 8 Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 50 or -50

If you are trying to restore your iPhone in iTunes and got stuck on iTunes error 50 or -50, you can do the following 8 fixes we have collected that would simply resolve this issue. Get ready to fix this annoying problem and have a real fix!

2.1 Update iTunes/Re-install

Make it a habit to check the latest iTunes software before you perform any kinds of restore or backup. This is to ensure that the iTunes can easily connect to Apple servers. In some cases, it may be due to outdated iTunes which causes confusions in the connections and Apple does not allow the restore request.

To update iTunes (Windows)

Launch iTunes

Click Help

Click Check for Updates

Follow the onscreen process to download and install

uninstall iTunes

On Mac:

Launch AppStore

Click Updates

Check if there is an available iTunes update

Follow the onscreen prompts to download and install

If the same error occurs even after updating iTunes, try to remove the iTunes from the computer and re-install after some time.

2.2 Check Internet Connection

In restoring iPhone in iTunes, make sure that you get enough wireless internet connection to avoid such issues like iTunes error 50. Remember that most annoying iTunes error codes rely on connection even if you have already updated iTunes.

Settle in an area at home or work with the excellent internet signal

Try to update iPhone again

Check internet connection

2.3 Check Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings

Most third-party antivirus or security software block connections on the computer and at rare times, they also block the connection between iTunes and Apple which can be the culprit for iTunes Error 50 or -50.

Go to the Setting of your antivirus software and temporarily disable while restoring iPhone

Check the Firewall setting of the computer and make sure that iTunes is not listed on the Blocked list

2.4 Delete Downloads Folder
Another possible cause of iTunes Error 50 or -50 is the conflicts or timeouts with the Downloads folder on the computer. Make sure to delete irrelevant files or completely clear out the downloads folder for smooth iPhone restore process.

2.5 Check iPhone SIM card
If at first, you receive the iTunes error 50 or -50, try to remove the SIM card out from the iPhone and restore it without the SIM card. It may be due to network connection conflicts.

check sd card

2.6 Check USB cables and ports
Ports and cables are also modes of connections. You can also check if the USB cable or the USB port are the causes of iTunes error 50 or -50. It can be due to loose cable or debris inside the ports. To better check, try another USB cable on a different computer to see if the error still occurs.

Tip: At all-cause and times, use an original USB cable to ensure that no other conflicts arise.

2.7 Restart Devices
As simple as it seems but yes a simple power cycle does the job too. Basic troubleshooting like powering on and off can greatly affect the way the iPhone connects to any network. Try to reboot the iPhone and the computer, wait for at least a couple of minutes and retry the process.

reboot iPhone

2.8 Remove Windows Registry
If you are using a Windows computer, the Windows registry can cause iTunes Error 50. What you can do is to simply clear out the registry manually or by using software cleaner.

On the keyboard, press Windows key + R

Type in regedit and hit Enter

Create a backup on the Windows registry

Export the files and save to a folder

Find the programs you want to clear out

However, this task is highly technical. Do not do this process if you are unfamiliar with the steps. You can ask for help or simply download a registry program cleaner.

Part 3. Fix iTunes Error 50 or -50 Quickly

If you think doing the above methods is so difficult to fix iTunes error 50, consider using FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery. This is a program that resolves all kinds of iTunes error codes as well as other types of system issues like bootloop, DFU mode, Recovery mode, crashing, freezing, and many more.

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery includes the following features:

100% safe, effective and reliable

No Data loss

Compatible with all iOS devices, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and even the latest, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

Click-through based environment

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How to use?

#1. Download FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery and Launch the software.Connect the iOS device. Click on the desired issue. Click Start

Detect Your Device

#2. Enter the correct firmware package. Click Repair

Download Firmware

#3. Repair completed. The iOS device will reboot and starts normally. It has simply fixed iTunes Error 50 just by plugging in the device!

Repair Completed

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Video Guide: Quickly Fix iTunes 50 or -50

Part 4. Conclusion

There are a lot of possible iTunes errors that can interrupt our phone usage. However, these errors are so easy to fix by making sure you have identified the root cause. Once you have determined what is the main cause of the iTunes error 50, follow the recommended steps above and for sure you will resolve it in no time!

If in case it got worse or if you prefer not to prolong the agony, use FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery. This is a dedicated program for all kinds of iOS system errors like iTunes, software failures like crashing, freezing, stuck on Apple logo and many more.

Tell your friends about this good news and download the free version today!

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